Welcome to East Tennessee Relic and Coin Hunter Club

Welcome to ETRACH - The East Tennessee Relic and Coin Hunters Club.

If you are from the East Tennessee area or just happen to be visiting our area, we invite to visit and join us. Our meeting location changes every month so always check here for the next location time and place. Our next meeting is March 25, 2017. There will be a fun hunt, followed by lunch, and then our meeting. Please contact either Coinhunter@Charter.net or Rodco37@Yahoo.com for more information.

We are a brand new club dedicated to having fun and learning about how to use our machines. Since we are just forming the club you can join now and help custom design the club. We have held several formation meetings and 9 fun hunts. So far our members have found and recovered silver coins on 7 of our fun hunts. At our August 2016 meeting we found and recovered 1 class ring now returned to its owner, and 3 wedding bands. One of these has already been returned to its owner. Plus we were featured on the late news and then we made the ABC Morning News also.

This goes to show how working together, doing the research, and then hunting together reaps rewards. We are trying to have a fun hunt prior to each meeting to encourage meeting participation and attendance. One of our club guidelines is we want you to attend the meeting of the month prior to attending the next fun hunt. We have elected club officers, decided upon our Finds of the Month categories, and started our Constitution and By-Laws.

We hope you find this club a great place to meet new friends and learn more about this exciting hobby.

October Event!

Our Annual Fall Open Hunt is scheduled for October 16, 2021, at 12:00pm. This year we are excited to announce that we will be having the hunt in the same location as the SMARTS Club. At first we were going to use the same location for the fall hunt as we did for the spring hunt but since there will already be so many hunters there it just makes sense to have it at Nicholas Ball Park. The cost to enter the fall hunt is 30 silver dimes. I have some dimes I can sell if you need to purchase a few. They will cost you $2.10 each or 63.00 for all 30. Either coins or money must be paid at the October meeting. All money will be put in the ground minus the cost of any prizes we may purchase! Now remember this is very important. If you do not pay early and decide to walk on or choose to wait to pay there is a 5 dime late entry fee in addition to the 30 dime regular entry fee. Also the entry fee for the SMARTS hunt is 30 dimes and this is a separate fee from ours. I plan to hunt in both hunts so I will need a total of 70 dimes. Remember I can front you all or a portion of the dimes you will need to pay for our hunt, but not the SMARTS hunt. I do not have enough for both hunts. You have to pay me back in the dimes you find or if you decide to pay me back in cash you will owe me $2.25 per dime borrowed. The location is Nicholas Ball Park, 8728 Ball Camp Pike, Knoxville, TN. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you intend to hunt in either or both hunts you can give Steve the coins or money for our hunt and you can give Carl Patty the money for the SMARTS hunt. I am posting this on our club Facebook page, sending it out as a text message and emailing it to our club mailing list. You can reply to any or all 3 notifications but the Facebook page is the easiest. Just post a comment under the message and say which hunts you want to hunt in. I will make the first post and you can follow my example. If you don't know how let me know via some method and I will post for you also Steve will have a signup sheet with him at the meeting on Oct. 4, but don't wait until then to let me know!!!!!!